How to Find Rottweiler Pups Trained for Families.

Your Benefits


Your new pups are trained for high-energy atmospheres and increased respect among young toddlers.

Disease Prevention

Using a special ENS training system, these Rottweilers will be less susceptible to disease, aggression, and trauma.

Tested and Approved

Pure-bred, Champion-bloodline, Microchipped, Fully-AKC registered.

Our Guarantee

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee that includes any hereditary defects, illnesses, or other medical conditions caused before date of purchase. (see BA)

Proved with Customer Satisfaction​

“I got a Rottweiler from this nice family. They worked with me on their time schedule for meeting to get the pup and they were very kind with their information. They welcomed us and showed us the pups parents and told us about their past litters. The parents were very beautiful and they were nice. The pup I got from them I named Jax. He has turned out to be a very kind dog he loves kids and he loves our other dog, Jade. She is a blue nose pit. They play and get along so well. These are good people and I would love to see more pups from them.” – Jarrid Fogle (Centralia, MO)

“We picked our baby this past weekend and he is wonderful! It is clear he has been well cared for. He is healthy, happy, and transitioning so well. Thank you, Elite!!” – Amy Hazell Gray-Rowe (Chicago, IL)

“I recommend Ethan and Elite Rottweilers to anyone looking for and amazing Rottweiler. I got a little male pup from his last litter and I couldn’t be happier with him. He is very loyal and loving. His intelligence is very high and he learns very quickly. He is very dedicated to me and thus far I have found no fault in him and I doubt one exist. As for his growth he has been steadily growing and putting on an average of 10 pounds a month and his vet says he is very healthy. Today; at about 24 weeks or so, he is as large; if not slightly more so, than my two year old Labrador/Pitt Bull mix and weighs in at 73 pounds.” – Jeremy Birdge (Pittsfield, IL)

The Puppy Program

The benefits above are only possible through a tried-and-tested puppy program called Early Neurological Stimulation. It’s a system the military use.

The training begins on the seventh to tenth day after birth. We start in slowly using three main daily exercises, besides the normal care and handling applied throughout the day.

  • Change in temperature
  • Changes in altitude
  • Submission in disoriented situations
  • Grooming

The change in temperature is performed by removing the pup from the huddle of pups surrounding the mother and placed in an opposite room (or area) for approximately three minutes. This creates a slightly stressful situation and will help resist diseases and increase stability in the coming years.

The next phase is apparent in its description, it decreases stress in a high-stress condition: high altitude.

Finally, the pup is rolled over and held in an upside-down position for ten to fifteen seconds. Each day this exercise is performed, the pup will learn to calmly submit to his (or her) master without resistance.

Our Farm, Your Dog​

Elite Rottweiler pups are born and raised on an 80 acre piece of land in the sticks of Southern Missouri. Here at Brown Farms we house and care for the family milk cow, fifty-plus chickens, and a few pestering racoons (which we do not house). The dogs participate in various activities including playing in the creek, exploring forest trails, and just having fun.

With seven other siblings running around, our dogs definitely get plenty of attention, affection, and excitement from the never ending world of chaos. Young pups who are trained in this environment learn to handle and behave themselves with the assistance of a number of helpers. Furthermore, they develop more respect and obedience to younger children, as well as adults.

This gives you, the new owner, a great advantage when it comes time to train and make our Rotty pup a part of your family.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Registered​

Considering breeding your own dogs? Your puppy comes with full AKC registration, as well as their parents. This makes your business even easier to market and gain credibility. The American Kennel Club is widely well-known and is considered a must when breeding and selling dogs.






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