Full Program Overview

The benefits you have seen on this site are only possible through a tried-and-tested puppy program called Early Neurological Stimulation. It’s a system the military use.

The training begins on the seventh to tenth day after birth. We start in slowly using three main daily exercises, besides the normal care and handling applied throughout the day.

  • Changes in temperature
  • Changes in altitude
  • Submission in disoriented situations
  • Grooming

The change in temperature is performed by removing the pup from the huddle of pups surrounding the mother and placed in an opposite room (or area) for approximately three minutes. This creates a slightly stressful situation and will help resist diseases and increase stability in the coming years. The next phase is apparent in its description, it decreases stress in a high-stress condition: high altitude. Finally, the pup is rolled over and held in an upside-down position for ten to fifteen seconds. Each day this exercise is performed, the pup will learn to calmly submit to his (or her) master without resistance.

At the end of each daily session, the pup is brought to it’s normal, stable state, and is groomed. For far easier veterinary examination later, the grooming includes the rubbing of ears, paws, nose, and mouth.

The third week is continued in much the same as the second. Each day they are exposed to new situations, new sounds, etc. Their ears have now opened and various household sounds are beginning to become normal. A radio runs at different intervals throughout the day to expose them to even more radical sounds.

The fourth week starts another routine of obedience and restraint training, in addition to the normal four-step system above. During this time, special attention is given to observing each pup’s strengths and weaknesses. Individual sessions provide quicker reaction times to possible the beginning signs of fear and abnormal behavior. Supervised play with children of different ages and personalities develop loyalty and low-stress conduct in family environments.

Other characteristics that are nurtured in each pup are:

  • General submissiveness
  • Experience on/in various surfaces (e.g. rocks, water, woods)
  • Familiarity to unknown/loud objects (e.g. sweeper, vehicles)
  • Self-Restraint

 to desired objects/food

When a family or individual comes to buy a Rottweiler, the personality and benefits of each pup is explained. Each point is deeply considered to place the proper canine in the proper home. There is no cookie-cutter dog. Each new pup packs his (or her) own strengths and weaknesses. However, by taking this approach to Rottweiler breeding, these puppies will hopefully make loyal members of each and every family that chooses to take them in.

Now that you’ve seen our system, maybe you want to come over to our place and take a look at the operation. You might even want to take a pup home.

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[Note: The Puppy Program we will describe in this report was developed by the New Skete Monks (of New York) and published in their book The Art of Raising a Puppy (2011). While this document is the development of Elite Rottweilers, we owe great appreciation to their hard work and dedication in producing a step-by-step guide to raising premium-grade, well-tempered canines.]

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